Upcycle Idol: Nick Gentry

Upcycle Idol: Nick Gentry

Our latest upcycle idol is UK based artist Nick Gentry (below, left). Using obsolete media as his canvas, Gentry is fascinated by modern consumerism and technology, using his creative skills to produce contemporary urban art pieces from old floppy disks and film strips that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill. With a focus primarily on portraits, Gentry creates collages and striking  detailed oil paintings of his subjects, who are portrayed with the same haunting and vacant expression.

Nick Gentry ArtNick Gentry

 They represent “cyberculture in society”, and deal with the theme of identity in a digital and media obsessed world. By recycling outdated technology and transforming it into social, though provoking art, we’re reminded of just how fast paced and constantly evolving modern culture is, and how quickly we adapt to new technologies. For some of us, his art may even bring back a warming sense of nostalgia, triggering memories of an iphoneless, app-free era of dial up modems and perfecting Snake on our Nokia 3310s.   And what a world away that seems now!

Nick Gentry Art 2Nick Gentry Art 3

XCHANGE / Nick Gentry from Nick Gentry on Vimeo.







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