Upcycle Idol: Vaho Banner Bags

Upcycle Idol: Vaho Banner Bags

Vaho Bag Woman Barcelona based bag label Vaho‘s designs are made from upcycled advertising banners found on the street lamps of Barcelona and Madrid. From tote bags to messengers, card holders, folios and laptop cases, a range of  urban accessories for men and women are designed in Vaho’s multidisciplinary design studio.

Materials such as recycled bicycle inner tubing and truck tires add extra durability and a waterproof finish, making a unique contemporary statement to enhance any street style look.

Vaho works with organisation “CEO DEL Marasme” – a NGO that promotes social integration to clean theupcycled banners with vinegar. Choosefrom graffiti style designs, to plain utilitarian styles, wether brightening up a grocery trip or adding character  to your uni bag.

Check out Vaho’s online store for the full range of styles. The label also has six boutiques throughout Barcelona.

Vaho Grocery Bag

Vaho Grocery



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