Upcycle Idol: Yong Ho Ji

Upcycle Idol: Yong Ho Ji

 If you didn’t know already, tyres are pretty much our favourite material when it comes to sustainable design, so when we came across our latest upcycle  Idol, Yo Hong Ji’s tyre animal sculptures, we were instantly intrigued. 

The Korean based artist cleverly cuts, twists and layers rubber strips of recycled car tyres to form the structure of various animals. His most recent work focuses on mutant animals, often animal-human hybrids left with a matte black aesthetic to give them a sinister, darker presence. Seeing beauty where others see waste comes naturally to the artistic talent, who has a whole gallery of his projects displayed on his website.

Young Ho Ji Horse

 Yong Ho Ji Zebra

Yo Hong J graduated from New York University in 2008 with a masters in fine arts and since then has been exhibiting his artwork around the world. Permanent displays of his latest projects can be found at the International Contemporary Art Foundation / 21C Museum and the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul. Regardless of the materials used, each sculpture is impressive enough to stand out based on their striking appearance alone, being so fluid in movement and so powerful realism.

Yong Ho Ji Bull

 Yong Ho Ji Lion

Yong ho Ji Mutant Yong Ho Ji Mutant 2

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