Upcycle Idol: Yvonne Ellen

Upcycle Idol: Yvonne Ellen

Yvonne Ellen WhaleOur latest Etsy find is Yvonne Ellen‘s eccentric upcycled vintage homewares. Her handcrafted crockery brings a newfound edge to traditional tea parties, injecting a witty, British sense of humour to her designs. With dainty teacups painted with the slogans, ‘gin’, ‘wine’, ‘whisky’ and ‘vodka’ in fancy typography style, Ellen celebrates a traditional past time while incorporating contemporary culture.

 Her quirky plate designs feature detailed painted animal illustations that are continued on the next plate, so they can be bought as a pair and pieced together in a puzzle style fashion.

 Each piece is handcrafted in Britain, so no two designs are alike.

So what are you waiting for?…get the kettle on. I think it’s time for some afternoon gin.

Find out more about Yvonne’s designs hereYvonne Ellen Main

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