Urban Label Bureo Makes Skateboards From Recycled Fishing nets

Urban Label Bureo Makes Skateboards From Recycled Fishing nets

11885269_902399979830798_9212130796400180148_nOutdoor and sporting goods brand Bureo started off as a Kikstarter campaign, and has since become a hugely popular innovative, urban skateboard label.

Founded in 2012, the California based company set itself a mission to reduce ocean waste, through forward thinking design. The result was a line of sustainable skateboards, made from recycled fishing nets.

process“Through Net Positiva, Bureo is creating positive solutions for harmful waste while supporting coastal communities and bringing awareness to a major threat to our oceans.”

Manufactured in Chile, Bureo set up a fishnet collection and recycling program called Net Positiva, to use raw materials and provide work opportunities for local people struggling to make a living.

Black_Long_Sleeve_Black_Grande_grandeWe love how each skateboard incorporates a quirky, scaly trademark, to represent aquatic ocean life and set them apart from other skateboard brands. As of the end of last year, you can also buy sunglasses, which like the boards, are also made from marine debris. 

“The majority of the population owns at least one pair of plastic sunglasses, none of which are made in a responsible way,”

bureo-recycled-sunglasses-fishing-nets-3As part of the ‘Ocean Collection’, they feature a minimal classic black unisex design. The company also sells shirts made from organic cotton and low impact dyes.To date, over 79,800 plastic bottles have been saved from polluting our oceans. Now that’s what you call making waves!


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