VIDEO: One Year On

VIDEO: One Year On

Karyn Franklin Safia MinneyIn just under a week will be the anniversary of one of the most devastating incidents within the fast fashion industry – the collapse of Rana Plaza.

In support of Fashion Revolution Day, Fairtrade clothing label People Tree  has compiled an inspiring 3 minute video showing clips from recent interviews with Bangladeshi garment workers, as well as a behind the scenes with founder Safia Minney and fashion activist Karyn Franklin, whose non-profit support scheme, Swallows, helps to empower women through the craft of weaving. 

“A stark contrast to to where the garment workers work in Dhaka.” – Karyn Franklin

One Year On Video StillWith the establishment of the Swallows school, which is funded by Fair Trade help, over 320 children women work with naturally dyed yarns which are skilfully woven by hand into fabrics and later embellished using embroidery. These women have been given a rare opportunity to do what was essentially a man’s job in Bangladeshi culture.

In other footage one woman’s journey hasn’t been so smooth sailing, while in another clip a man is adamant that the only way to move forward is to place pressure on multi national companies…


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