Vivienne Westwood Launches 2nd Ethical Fashion Africa Collection

Vivienne Westwood Launches 2nd Ethical Fashion Africa Collection

Westwood Africa Bags 2With her first capsule collection of artisanal bags made in Africa proving to be a big hit, ethical fashion activist Vivienne Westwood is back again with another even larger collection – this time including men’s accessories. Produced using recycled materials, the new capsule line is crafted from electric cables, discarded aluminium, and plastic bags to reduce waste and minimise the impact on the environment.

Westwood Africa BagEach item has been hand crafted in Nairobi by local artisans in collaboration with the International Trade Centre – an organisation that helps  support over 7,000 socially outcast women in African communities and allows them to develop skills and better their quality of life through learning artisanal skills. 

“These people have more control over their lives and can therefore choose not to exploit the environment because they have an alternative way of making money.”

More than a fashion designer, Westwood encourages us to think more about the decisions we make when we dress ourselves. A beautiful hand crafted item with historical influence is always going to outshine any cheap high street copy, however not everyone can afford it. The idea is to shop wisely as conscious consumers and make our clothes last, recycle when we can and only buy pieces we will wear through and through. 

This project is supported by‘s YOOXYGEN section, which helps provide a platform for eco-friendly fashion initiatives.

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