Waddler Clothing Inspires Kids to Find Their Inner Explorer

Waddler Clothing Inspires Kids to Find Their Inner Explorer

Wadler GirlsBritish childrenswear label Waddler transforms conscious kids across the globe into mini explorers and adventure seekers. Using a special alpaca yarn, each garment is inspired by the  wild beauty of South America, where the story of Waddler first began.

The affordable ethical clothing company was established in 2008 by a couple and their son, who decided to move to South America in search of a simpler life. Inspired by adventure and the idea of living free, they set up home in the foothills of the Andes, where their daily routine involved riding bareback and picking avocados in a tropical garden.

Waddler Baby“Winding our way deeper into the Andes we discovered the existence of alpaca yarn. It’s luxurious softness, incredible warmth and rich colours enthralled us and inspired the creation of our first home made knits.”

During their travels, they learnt a lot about the history of Alpaca wool, which was once the clothing of Bolivian Inca kings.  They discovered that Alpacas are one of the most eco-friendly animals that have soft feet and graze lightly, preserving the ecosystem.

Waddler-AW14-45-1024x670And the inspiration behind Waddle and their home made knits was born.  Praised by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, vanity Fair and The Times, it seems everyone wants to join in the adventure.

Now little waddlers can protect their soft skin in the softness of this special yarn, while they they go about their mini adventures!


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