Wal-mart Takes Steps Towards Toxic Free Cosmetics

Wal-mart Takes Steps Towards Toxic Free Cosmetics

Beginning January 2014, U.S superstore Wal-Mart has announced that it will be phasing out 10 hazardous chemicals from its cleaners and cosmetics nationwide. This major move includes national and own brand cosmetics, and comes after The Breast Cancer Fund and certain environmental groups urged 10 major U.S retailers to remove any hazardous chemicals from their shelves.

Through the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, (whose logo will be placed on Wal-Mart’s own brand products), these harmful chemicals, yet to be named, will be removed from products such as shampoos, cosmetics and household cleaners. Wal-Mart is the U.S’s largest supermarket, and this step in the right direction will hopefully encourage other supermarkets to follow suit and take a greener stance.

Stacey Malkan, co-founder for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics told USA Today “It shows the company is listening to what consumers want. Because of its market dominance”, Wal-Mart has the ability to “Shift the whole industry.”

In addition to this mission, the major retailer will require that all suppliers list the full ingredients on their product’s labels by January 2015. The full progress report of this project will be available by 2016.

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