Style Spotlight: Hassan Hajjaj & Amine Bendriouich

Style Spotlight: Hassan Hajjaj & Amine Bendriouich

  • August 9, 2013
  • Men
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They’re the Moroccan duo that took Tunisia Fashion Week by storm with their collection ‘Super Wax Deluxe’. London based artist Hassan Hajjaj and fashion designer Amine Bendriouich’s first collaboration is a refreshing contemporary spin on Eastern culture, combining Hajjaj’s signature bold, urban aesthetic with Bendriouich’s distinct, urban Arab edge. As a young highschooler, Amine found inspiration in Hajjaj’s Moroccan inspired printed t-shirts and innovative upcycled furniture, regularly visiting his shop on the way to lessons. Similarly, Hajjaj felt an artistic connection with Bendriouich, and their shared passion for culture and contemporary design.

After several years passed, the two finally found a way to combine their creative energy, using Tunisia Fashion Week as a platform for their vision. For Hassan, the materials and fabrics he uses have always been a canvas for expression. Whether in the form of advertising or voicing political statements, there’s always an underlying message to translate into his work, and political figures are regularly plastered onto his flamboyant designs. By combining this style with Bendriouich’s skilled craftsmanship and contemporary vision, the two have managed to marry politics and art in a truly powerful way.

Hassan & Amine

I particularly like the fact that the designers have made a conscious decision to use ‘regular’ people in the show. It’s a significant move that ties in with their aesthetic, because as much as it is fashion, when people buy from this collection, they’re also buying into a message that relates to the everyday man. Before the Tunisian revolution, Bendriouich told the Guardian; “There was only ‘official’ culture here,” he explains. “No one was allowed to speak openly and everyone dressed the same.” But this time the clothes are doing the talking, and they’re certainly speaking volumes!

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