Watch: Advanced Style Trailer

Watch: Advanced Style Trailer

The fashion industry feeds off the face of youth. From models as young as 14, to botox ridden celebrities, societal pressure to remain young is at an all time high, while anyone over the age of 30 is practically invisible.

Advanced Stye MainCelebrating youth is a tradition in the western world, with phrases such as “She/he looks good for their age” reinforcing our idea that beauty declines with each Birthday. A phrase that photographer Al Seth Cohen, particularly hates, whose street style blog Advanced Style, is all aout honouring  the stylish over sixties, who couldn’t care less about the fountain of youth.

These individuals aren’t ones for fitting into the mould, and rather than subject themselves to the forgotten faces of a has been, greyscale generation, they’re out there having more fun than any smooth skinned, hair swishing 20-something.  

“I am dressed for the theatre of my life everyday.” 

Advanced Style PairSays one woman, sitting elegantly in a stunning statement headscarf, complete with dramatic oversized shades. “We get better with age!” she says proudly. In another scene a pink haired larger than life lady sings ‘Que sera sera’ to an intimate audience in an atmospheric dimly lit bar. They can’t hep but sing along. The spirit of these women shines brighter than their grandchildren’s shiny, youthful locks, because, quite frankly, they don’t give a damn about smothering their skin in age defying serums and moaning about crows feet. “A woman of a certain age – I hate that phrase!” says one of the women. And rightly so.

Life is short. Why compete with the 20-somethings when the 20-somethings, are more insecure and less self assured then they realise. “Youth is wasted on the young” is a poignant phrase that describes these fabulous characters. If anything, we need to learn a thing or two from them!

Cohen’s documentary, showing now in selected cinemas. Click here for a list of screenings.

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