Watch: ‘The Next Black’ Trailer

Watch: ‘The Next Black’ Trailer

Tomorrow sees the premiere of short film The Next Black – a close look at the future of the sustainable fashion industry with an in-depth behind the scenes series of interviews featuring the leaders and game changers involved in ethical style. Offering insights into a steadily growing movement, it’s a must see documentary for anybody interested in ‘slow fashion’ and social responsibility within the industry.

The Next BlackSponsored by German engineering company AEG,  the film will be featuring the likes of ethical outerwear brand, Patagonia, Suzanne Lee of BioCouture, who experiments with fashion and biomaterials, as well as insights from the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. Brands who are beginning to rethink the way we use clothes.

“The Next Black film is not about what’s new in fashion, but what’s next.

As an innovative company themselves, AEG introduced the automatic washing machine in 1958, inventing the first heat pump drying technology. With the release of their film, get to know some of the innovators shaping the future of  sustainable design and be inspired by new possibilities.


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