WATCH: What the Fast Fashion Industry Doesn’t Tell Us

WATCH: What the Fast Fashion Industry Doesn’t Tell Us

16 year-old Youtuber Charli Anderson isn’t one for following trends and uploading fashion hauls to show off her latest purchases, as many of her peers do. Let’s not get her wrong, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t care for clothes – far from it! It’s just fast fashion she won’t buy into (pun intended). In the Australian vlogger’s first part of her ethical fashion series, Charli brings up some interesting points about our shopping habits and how our industry is bringing out cheaper and faster fashion at an alarming  pace, which creates a buy more, spend more culture. Charli describes fast fashion as a new concept and;

“An industry technique that produces clothing quickly, at a low cost, on trend & in high volume.”

She poses the question “How can you sell a t-shirt for $5 and make a profit?” Someone somewhere is losing out, and it must be the people who make our clothes. She also suggests donating and purchasing from charity shops, to counteract the issue of clothing waste. With this month celebrating #FashionRevolutionDay on April 24th, Charli’s informative and thought provoking message couldn’t have come at a better time. 

In part 2, Charlie gives some great advice on where to shop consciously, and also places to avoid, if you want to incorporate sustainable fashion into your wardrobe.

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