One to Watch: Flavia La Rocca

One to Watch: Flavia La Rocca

Flavia La Rocca CoatItalian born Flavia La Rocca puts the function into fashion, with her own unique flavour. Since she established her Milan based brand in 2011,  her signature interchangeable collections with innovative zip detailing made her a definite one to watch at London Fashion week’s ethical showcase EstethicaThis season for spring 2014, the rising talent has cleverly mixed minimalism with functionality to create a versatile collection of just 10 everyday interchangeable pieces.

La Rocca’s alternative design techniques mean that each piece can be either unzipped, cropped, elongated or shortened into a completely new look. A select few pieces worn in a multiple of ways. (see image below, right).

Pastel shades, perforated fabrics and clean colour blocking makes up the aesthetics for SS14, while each item can be mixed and matched for a practical yet stylish seasonal wardrobe. Made in Italy, the collection was produced in collaboration with Newlife, which is a sustainable system that transforms post consumer plastic bottles into polyester Flavia La Rocca SS14filament yarns.

This process saves 63% energy, 32% CO2 emissions and 94% water, making it one of the most eco-friendly systems in textile manufacturing.

For Autumn/winter recycled wool made out of surplus fabric was the main source, as Flavia experimented with contemporary interchangeable styles, once again. 

Flavia SS14Flavia balances both style and sustainability perfectly, into every aspect of her work – a hard task to achieve in such a fast paced industry. That in itself tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more from Flavia in the future – and I can’t wait her evolve with each interchangeable design.


flavialarocca – ‘The Folded Looks’ from flavialarocca on Vimeo.


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