Wish You Weren’t Here! Teenager Takes On Ocean Waste After Depressing Family Holiday

Wish You Weren’t Here! Teenager Takes On Ocean Waste After Depressing Family Holiday

BoyanBoyan Slat is not your typical teen. At the age of 6, when children are more concerned with their daily cartoon fix than their carbon footprint, his family beach holiday to Greece transformed him from an innocent child enjoying a dive in the sea, to an environmentally conscious boy, despaired by the pretty coral reef covered in plastic waste.

This eye-opening experience left Boyan with an unshakeable determination to rid every ocean of rubbish, however, discovering that waste collection is by no means an easy feat – (tow nets capturing surrounding wild life, fuel emissions, etc), the TED Talks inspiration decided to come up with his own idea.

With a plan that could see 7250,000 tonnes of plastic removed from the oceans, The Ocean Cleanup focusses on the ocean’s five rotating waste currents, where there is approximately six times more plastic waste then zoo plankton. The Ocean CleanupBoyan’s solution for these plastic trouble spots is to contain them within floating barriers “using the current to our advantage”. By doing so, rubbish is allowed to float to the barriers, (which are connected to the seabed during cables), without disturbing aquatic life. 

With a now sectioned off, concentrated area of pollution, the idea is to then collect the rubbish, harvest it and recycle it. To date, the project has raised over £1,343,441.

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