Wonderluk: 3D Printing Just Got Personal

Wonderluk: 3D Printing Just Got Personal

Dita Von TeeseThe marriage of 3D printed technology and fashion is a relatively new one, but has come a long way since Shapeways‘ and Francis Bitonit’s first ever wearable 3D printed dress in March last year.

2013 was a busy time for this advanced technology, as we saw the first ever 3D printed fashion show, held in Malaysia, wearable tech such as Google Glass was introduced and innovative avant garde designers like Iris Van Herpen were creating flexible filament 3D designs sculpted around the body.




Now UK based startup company Wonderluk is also making waves as the first online destination for customised 3D printed jewellery, accessories and shoes. Specialising in affordable, customised, avant garde, designs, Wonderluk allows you to pick your colour, size and material to create unique, one off pieces.

“No mass production or over production. With the kind of customisation no high fashion or design brand has ever offered me.”

Wonderluk Phone Case

Futuristic geometric phone cases and abstract structured brooches are just a few of the innovative items available.

It’s early days, (the company was founded in July last year), but already they offer a service where all items are made to order within 2 weeks.

Wonderluk’s close knit team consists of seven designers, with around 60 accessories premade for their online store.

Like most 3D printed fashion designers, the team are currently printing with nylon, but have plans to expand to other materials in the future.




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