Wool & The Gang Winter Knits

Wool & The Gang Winter Knits


Wool & Gang HatDecember is upon us and the weather has been kind to us for longer than anticipated, but there’s one particular company that has ATTYRE eagerly awaiting the inevitable cold for once – Wool and The Gang.

Their wooly wonders never disappoint and this season brings a variety of chunky knit styles,and not just clothing. There’s plenty of christmas gift ideas, from pom

Wool & gang pom pom

pom keychains, to ipad sleeves and quirky mens ties. They’ve even got tutorials on how to make each item available for purchase, so you can learn to get nifty with a needle.

“Fashion #MadeUnique in the home, by human hands not robots.”

Wool & Gang PoloBut aside from the kitsch accessories, Wool & The Gang do some great chunky knit staple pieces to see you through the winter. The new collection features some very cosy clothing, from oversized scarves to creamy polo necks, while all wool  used is sourced sustainably, spinning factory fashion waste into new yarns.

View the full collection here.

Recently the design team collaborated with Vivienne Westwood and Cool Earth to design a special hat to address the issue of climate change. Watch the video below.




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