WRAP Fronts European Textile Recycling Project

WRAP Fronts European Textile Recycling Project

Textile RecyclingThis week Waste Resources and Action Programme (WRAP) is leading a wide-scale recycling initiative, where various organisations will be teaming up for a £2.6 million project to reduce clothing waste across Europe.

These organisations will be working together to design and specify garments that have a lasting quality and promote closed loop production. In other words, the less textiles reaching landfill, the better.

I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFFFunded by EU Life, the European clothing Action Plan (ECAP), is to collaborate with retailers, brands, charities and recycling organisations to battle the increasing issue of consumer waste.

Ultimately the project, which will run for three years, aims to reach out to consumers, encouraging them to make conscious decision about their clothing purchases.

The London Waste and Recycling Board and MADE-BY will also be partnering with WRAP.


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