Zady Launches Sustainable Menswear Range

Zady Launches Sustainable Menswear Range

ZADY Men Back ViewOn Tuesday, US ethical boutique Zady launched a menswear line to run alongside the essentials collection for women, which was debuted last month.

Keeping it minimal, there are just two designs in this essentials line – an alpaca sweater, costing $165, and a classic button-down organic cotton shirt, $135, available in white and blue. Simple, staple wardrobe pieces of high quality that keeps in line with their motto “The new standard.”

As a fast fashion company who believes in 100% transparency, Zady prides itself on displaying the manufacturing methods used with each item, and listing them on the online store.

Zady ManThe alpaca fibre is sourced from a Peruvian mill and doesn’t require any dyeing, resulting in less water pollution. The women’s 0.1 style sweater is the female equivalent and proved a huge success, selling out online within 48 hours.

Make sure to follow Zady on their newly set up instagram, which includes some interesting facts about the world of fast fashion, as well as inspiring looks for building an impressive sustainable wardrobe.

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