Zara Faces Pressure To join Others in a bid to Boycott Angora

Zara Faces Pressure To join Others in a bid to Boycott Angora

Following the disturbing investigation into angora farming in china, ASOS, Stella McCartney, Topshop, Primark, M&S, Acne, Calvin Klein, Boden & Esprit have joined the growing list of clothing labels to boycott angora products. Leaders in sustainability on the high street, H&M, were first to halt production of all things angora until they can be assured that more animal friendly practices are put in place.

Zara Angora BeretNow all eyes are on multimillion pound company Inditex (who own Zara and also Mango), as a petition asking them to follow suit has surfaced on the net. The major retailer has so far ignored the shocking video that was recently released, revealing the inhumane practices used in angora farming, (which includes brutally pulling the fur from the live animal’s skin so they are left distraught and often unable to move).

The petition which was published this month has already reached 272,515 of its 300,000 signature goal, but will it be enough to persuade the most successful clothing store on the high street? Or is this a trend they won’t be following?¬†

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