Zero Waste Scotland Funds Emerging Sustainable Designers

Zero Waste Scotland Funds Emerging Sustainable Designers

Zero Waste Scotland2Sustainable fashion has had a real lift off in recent months, within the UK. Recently we’ve seen Kering Group grant over £30,000 towards supporting sustainable design at the London College of Fashion. and right now it’s #secondhandfirstweek, which is hosted by recycled clothing charity, TRAID.


Orsela De Castro2Now Zero Waste Scotland wants to help promote sustainable fashion, and has set up a new fund to encourage design students to use closed-loop, environmentally friendly techniques, such as the use of recycled textiles.

“clothing contributes around 5% of the carbon footprint & between 6 & 8% of the water footprint of all the UK’s goods & services, as well as accounting for more than a million tonnes of wasted materials.”

Orsela De Castro, founder of London Fashion Zero Waste Scotland LogoWeek’s sustainable fashion platform, Estethica, and creator of upcycle design label ‘From Somewhere’, introduced the fund at the Scottish Textile Symposium on Thursday. Funded partly by the Scottish Government, the Circular Economy Textile and Apparel Grant Fund is set to debut in December, where upcoming textile designers can be granted up to £5,000, as well as professional mentoring.


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